2019 Medicine Park, OK Ride (Sept 20-22)

Post date: Mar 13, 2019 11:41:43 PM


Since this trip got rained out last year, we have decided to do it again at the same time....Lightening never strikes in the same place...right.

So the details are as follows:

After 7 years we have decided to go back and spend a couple of days in historic Medicine Park, Oklahoma just outside of the Wichita

Mountain Wildlife Refuge north of Lawton, Oklahoma.

Below is a slide show of the group who went in 2012, which included both Linda and Jeff:

Slideshow for 2012 Trip

Now we stayed at the Plantation Inn in Medicine Park which is very historic and the largest motel in the area….but only has 20 rooms.

Now I talked to the manager Jenna Thornton and even though we can block rooms for the group, we both concluded that it would work out

best if we go ahead and make our individual reservations…NOW. The reason behind this is that Jenna is only one person and sometimes

cannot be reached by phone on a regular basis. And they have a really nice on-line reservation system that provides the number of rooms

that are left on a real-time basis.

So…..if you think you be interested in going on this ride in September (the same time we went in 2012), go ahead and make your

reservation now, The home page is as follows:


To make a reservation....select "Check Availability" and enter the check in and out dates 9/20-9/22...then select your room and follow the instructions. There is no deposit required and the cancellation policy is 48 hrs...so it's best that everyone wanting to go....make your reservations NOW. Remember last year someone came in and took all of the remaining rooms under our noses. The manager Jena said

it's best to make the reservations on-line where they keep track of remaining rooms...real time. They only have 20 rooms in the entire Inn, and after I made my reservation, there are 18 left (one being a cabin) The cost for 2 double queens for 2 nights is $219.98 and the single kings is $199.98 plus tax.

The high lights of this trip are:

  1. the Meers Country Store

  2. The Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge

  3. Mount Scott

  4. The Historic Plantation Inn in Medicine Park w/ The Old Plantation Restaurant on site

  5. The Historic town of Medicine Park

  6. * The National Historic Landmark and Museum in Fort Sill for the 7th Calvary

  7. The US Army Field Artillery Museum in Fort Sill

  8. Museum of the Great Plains

  9. Not to mention the ride up to Lawton and back

* In the 7 years since we last visited the two museums at Fort Sill, it turns out that this military installation has instituted program where you are required to get a visitors pass (for unescorted admission) to the Fort. Thus, we will be required to complete an application and submit

to a background check. I guess that for some silly reason (since 911) they would like to know who is on their property. Frankly, I have

always felt uneasy riding around the fort unescorted, where we were able to get on the Fort by just showing a drivers license.

And now they they have a special Visitors Center where you can go to get a temporary visitors pass. I have talked to them and this process goes pretty quickly after you submit the request for visitor access. They are open at 9:00 on Sat, so we can go there first before going to the museums.

We have attached the pdf form (scroll down the page), where everyone going can print it out to be completed and brought on the ride. But they do have forms at the Center, so completing the form beforehand, will only speed up the process.

So look over what I have presented and make your reservations NOW if you are interested

This will be a great trip…especially if you have never been to this special area of Oklahoma.



Link to form for access to Fort Sill