The tentative itinerary is shown below:

1. Fri-May 22, 1pm: Depart for Vicksburg Miss and will overnight in Vicksburg - approx mileage - 372 miles

2. Sat-May 23: Depart Vicksburg and ride to Chattanooga TN for the night - approx mileage - 425 miles

3. Sun-May 24: Depart Chattanooga and ride to Waynesboro VA for the night - approx mileage - 453 miles

4. Mon-May 25: Ride to Charlottesville VA, tour Monticello, ride VA15, Journey Through Hallowed Ground route and will
be stopping at several historic stops along the way and eventually will go up on Skyline Drive where will overnight at
Skyland Lodge and Resort . This lodge is located on the highest spot on Skyline Drive and has some beautiful views.
approx mileage - 150 miles

5. Tues-May 26- Leave Skyland Lode and Resort and work our way to Harpers Ferry and Antietam National Military Park. We will
tour both places and then work our way toward
Gettysburg National Historic Park where will stop overnight and
spend a couple of days in the town of Gettysburg. - approx mileage -150miles

6. Wed-May 27- Spend day in Gettysburg touring battlefield, town and museums. - approx mileage - 0-20 miles

7. Thurs-May 28- Spend second day in Gettysburg touring town and battlefield. - approx mileage - 0-20 miles

8. Fri-May 29- Depart Gettysburg and ride to Albany. NY - approx mileage - 358 miles

9. Sat-May 30 - Depart Albany and head over thru Vermont and New Hampshire and where we will stay overnight in
Conway NH. - approx mileage - 250 miles

10. Sun-May 31 - Tour NH, Visit seaport of Portsmouth NH and possibly ride up Mount Washington Auto Road,
just relax and see the Town of Conway or journey over into Maine. -approx mileage - 150-200 miles

11. Mon-June 1 Depart Conway and work our way back across NH and Vermont to Albany NY. Overnight in Albany
approx mileage - 250 miles

12. Tues-June 2- Attend Americade Rally or explore roads around Lake George will overnight in Lake George Area
approx mileage - 60 miles

13. Wed-June 3- Attend Rally or explore roads around Lake George. Will overnight in Lake George area
approx mileage - 100 or less

14. Thurs-June 4- Depart for home. approx mileage - 360 miles

15. Fri-June 5 - Continue home - approx mileage - 360 miles

16. Sat -June 6 - Continue home - approx mileage - 360 miles

17. Sun- June 7 - Continue home - approx mileage - 360 miles

18. Mon-June 8 - Continue and arrive home Monday evening - approx mileage - 360 miles

Approximately 4600 Miles

For those women in our club who would like to go on this ride but can't bear the thought of sitting on the back of a
motorcycle for this long a period of time and looking at historical stuff on the way up we do have another option.
It appears that there may be a group of women who shall remain anonymous who are contemplating flying into Albany
NY on Friday May 29 and then meeting their husbands at the hotel in Albany Friday night. They will then spend Saturday,
Sunday, and Monday riding thru Vermont and NH with their spouses and then will fly back to Dallas on Tuesday am June
2nd . This option will eliminate the ride up and back and they will get to spend some quality time with their husbands
viewing some beautiful countryside.

You can figure on 17 nights at hotels so we are using an average cost of $150 per night for hotels. If you double up with
a roommate then the cost will be more like $75 per day per person. Some hotels will be less and I am sure some will be
slightly more than the $150 so it should even out. I will try to pick hotels around $100 per night or less but this may not
always be possible. We may be staying a couple of nights at some bed and breakfasts in NH so they could be slightly
more than the $150

Gas: This ride will be approx 4,500 miles or a little more so use your average gas mileage and you can compute the
approx cost for gas. Please note that you will need tires that can last 4,500 miles or you will need to have a plan to
have tires put on during the ride. Better to start this ride with new tires and not worry about it. Tires on the road can
be expensive and you don't want to be that guy that screws up the trip for everyone who have to sit around and wait
while you try to find a place that can put tires on for you. Of course if you tear up a tire or have problems that are outside
of your control then that is another story (We will still leave your butt ) LOL (just kidding) .

Food and Drinks: I would use $50 average per day for a single person for planning purposes . If you are planning on
riding two up then it will probably be a little more depending on how much your wife eats. Probably a good time to start
that diet dear. Yea right!!!! Breakfast at most hotels will be included with the lodging charge so figure on lunch and
Dinner and drink/snacks during the day.

Incidentals: I would plan on about $200-$300 for incidentals such as entrance fees, tolls, and misc expenses.
There are entrance fees to most of the places we will stop at such as Monticello, Gettysburg, Skyline Drive, etc and if you
go to the Rally you will need to purchase a day pass. And of course most people may want to pick up some souvenirs
from this awesome trip so they can remember it when they are in the rocking chair at the old folks home.

So we add everything up and we are looking at:
Lodging $75 per day x 17 = $ 1,275.00 approx
Gas (4500 miles / 40 miles gallon = 113 gallons x 3.60 gal = $ 410.00 approx
Food, drink $50 x 18 = $ 900.00 approx
Incidentals = $ 250.00 approx
Estimated Total Cost $ 2,850.00 Grand Total

Again this is an estimated cost based on the above information and sharing a room with a roommate but it should give
you an idea of what your cost will be . As they say your actual mileage will vary. Weather should be very good this time
of year and the temps should still be cool the farther north we go and along Skyline Drive there should be quite a show of
spring flowers.

Right now we have 5 people who have expressed a strong interest in doing this ride. I know that some people will not be
able to take two weeks in a row off from work but if you can swing it this will be a ride you will remember and you will
get to see a lot of beautiful country you otherwise wouldn't be able to see. If you just can't convince your boss to let you
off for two weeks there is always the option of flying in and renting a bike . There is an Eagle Rider location in Manchester
NH and you are only about 200 miles from Lake George if you rent from that location. Also most Harley Davidson dealers
rent bikes and I think there is a Harley dealer in most towns of any size. Not sure about BMW dealers or if they rent

Now the most critical thing is to get our lodging in Lake George in the next week or so as lodging for next year's rally is
being booked as we speak. Most people make their lodging arrangements for the following year when they check out
to go home . I am looking for lodging options right now and should have something lined up soon. Instead of staying in
Lake George proper we will most likely try to stay a short drive away from Lake George since we will probably only be at
the Rally one day. Additionally the farther you get away from Lake George the lower the lodging costs will be. The only
other place we will need to book fairly soon is our lodging at Skyland Lodge which is run by the National Park Service and
it books up fairly quickly .

So, I need to find out who is seriously planning on doing this ride in the next week or so I can start setting up the other
lodging we will need. This is one ride that you will have to make a decision on rather quickly . You can always book your
lodging now and then cancel if something comes up.

Ok now who wants to go on this ride!!!!!!